De Mijlpaal, Heusden-Zolder
20 March - 26 June 2022

The exhibition ended, but can be visted in July and August 2022 (only after  appointment)

Karin Borghouts, Patrick Ceyssens, Peter Deleu, Trees De Mits, Inge De Schuyter, Nick Ervinck, Frits Jeuris, Octave Landuyt, St├ęphanie Leblon, Maryam Najd, Stefan Peters, Ick Reuvis, Ryoko Sato, Rob Sweere, Klaus Verscheure, Kristof Vrancken, Cindy Wright.

Uplifting, soothing and poetic. As an achromatic phenomenon, black does not reflect light or other colours, yet it is generous as a source of inspiration for so many artists.