Tree of Life 

De Mijlpaal, Heusden-Zolder
11 December 2016 - 29 Januari 2017

Karin Borghouts, Casimir, Patrick Ceyssens, Stijn Cole, Trees De Mits, Peter Deleu, Nick Ervinck, Pepijn Hendrickx, Roel Jacobs, Kuppers & Wuytens, Inge de Schuyter, Vicky Gruyters, Marc Janssens, Patrick Keulemans, Lore Langendries, Jorge Manilla, Iris Mondelaers, Studio Nedda, Stefan Peters, Willy Peeters, Patrick Reuvis, Helena Schepens, Karen Vanmol, Christine Vanoppen, Rob Sweere, Mieke Teirlinck, Philippe van Gelooven, Ann Van Hoey, Hanne Van Rompaey, Kristof Vrancken.

In a forest of real Christmas trees you will discover several current works of art. Paintings and photographs of trees. a subtle drawing with a landscape with trees. Wooden objects with leather tell of a world of brute force and mystery. Purpled glass branches connected with iron wires refer to connections between vulnerability and life force.  Then you stand face to face with an attractive tree of life made of fresh colours. Furthermore, wooden objects mixed with leather tell of a world of brute force and mystery. The tree is a perfect symbol of life itself.