Manifesta - High Voltage 

De Mijlpaal, Heusden-Zolder
3 June - 26 August 2012

Thorsten Fleisch, Nicola Evangelisti, Bart Lens, Sara Bomans, Remco Roes, Kristof Vrancken, Ick Reuvis, Philippe van Gelooven, Timo van Luijck, Thomas Ruff, Jeroen Maes, Raeywen Turner, Paul Fryer, Mo Ramakers, Peter De Koninck, Tim Vets, Els Vos, Monique Thomaes, Peter Deleu.

On the occasion of Manifesta9, De Mijlpaal set up a parallel program. Since the gallery space is located under a high-voltage pylon and above the old galleries of the coal mine, the title 'High Voltage' refers to the situation on site, but also to works of art that express power, energy and tension. Electricity, tension, dynamics, energy and power are the key words of the exhibition. The common thread is the existing high-voltage pylon above and old mine galleries below ground.